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We're a leading manufacturer of high quality sportswear and swimwear

The factory was settled in 2010, after our sister company Sportsnet International Co. Ltd.

We’re proud to say that we have grown slowly but steadily and together hand-by-hand with many of our long time customers.

We understand that a swimsuit is not just a simple swimsuit, there is much more beyond it.  It starts with someone’s idea, and it must go through a long process before arriving to the customer’s hands. To us, everyone involved in the process and each step of it is as important as the other one. We have a lot of expertise in the business. We understand that quality, good fitting and small details are the most important things that make a garment unique and outstanding, we know that on time delivery is very important to our customers and that a supportive development service is essential to all the parts involved.

We’re audited every year by BSCI and SMETA.

We're located in Guangzhou, we're a team of 150 people and have a production capacity of 100,000 pcs/month.

Our staff is highly skilled and complete artists in the swimwear/sportswear construction.

Each piece shipped from our factory is the sum of our experience, passion and energy.



Product Development

Let us know your ideas, scratches, pictures, sketches or moodboards and we will brainstorm with you to bring them to life.


We can help you design swimwear and sportswear collections according to your needs. Our design team is always updated with the latest market trends. Give us a hint of what you require and we can propose you fabrics, prints, trims, patterns, etc as well as create the technical sketches and sketch packs.


Several samples might need to be done throughout all the process. With the first samples you can see your idea come to life and you can test the fitting. Revised samples will be done if anything has to be improved in first samples. Pre-production samples will be done in the correct fabric and with definite trims. If requested, we will also do size samples and sales man samples.


We work with the most reliable suppliers of the industry. Besides the different qualities of standard swimwear fabrics we are able to offer you technical, ribbed, metallic, recycled fabrics and many others. Most of the fabrics we use are Oeko Tex certified.
To make these fabrics even more remarkable you can choose to do an all-over print or any placement print with rubber, foil, glitter or puff ink, high density or glowing print.

Pattern Making

Our team has years of experience in doing patterns, pattern digitizing, size grading, size specs and cutting marking of different styles of swimwear and sportswear.

Trims & Embellishments

We know your products must be unique, and for so, we can source the nicest beads, elastics, hardware etc. We work with prestigious embroiderers, printing mills, laser cutters and dye houses to make your product outstanding. If you want an extra special touch we can add a hand craft detail as beading, braiding or macramé.


During this phase we will order fabric, do prints and embroideries, source all the hardware, trims and packaging needed. We will also do the definite samples with all the correct materials to be followed during production.


All the steps of production are supervised throughout all the process: fabric inspection, lab tests, pattern making, cutting sewing and packaging.

bikini fringes


We like to have a feedback from our customers after the goods have reached the retail channel. This feedback is very important to us and to our customers to improve in any possible details.

For us, swimwear and sportswear are not only a business, they’re our passion and we love sharing this passion with our customers


One-piece String Swimsuit

Placement Print

One-shoulder Bikini

Flounces and Inserts

Engineered Bikini

Moulded Cups and Strings


Flowers & Mesh

Princess Cut Swimsuit

Loops, Strings and Ruffles

Swimsuit & Leggings

Lace, Belt and Ruffles


I'm Vivi Wu, cofounder and general manager of Sportsnet International Co. Ltd. and Faner Garment Manufacturing Co Ltd. I graduated from fashion design in Australia and I've been in the swimwear and sportswear business for almost 25 years.
Our companies are an extended family that include our staff, customers and suppliers, We have built strong relationships between all of us and this is one of our biggest satisfactions, as well as seeing many of our customers expand their businesses throughout all these years.
We're willing to help you grow or establish your own brand, even if you have no experience in swimwear nor sportswear, let us know your ideas and we will take care of the rest. You're welcome to visit our factory anytime.

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No. 4/5 Floor, No. 23 Hailong Road, Haizhong Village Fangcun Liwan District, Guangzhou, China 510388



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+86 020 815 22581, +86 020 815 28681

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